Hit & Run

Great Moments in the Freedom Cage


Some signs decorating the chain-link fence in the heavily guarded, razor-wired performance-art space designated for "free speech":

Pens are for writing about ANIMALS!

Dads Needs Children

Welcome to the Prison of Palestine

Elect Judges

Bu$h supports ethnic cleansing in Palestine
Where do you stand, $enator Kerry?
(then, to answer):
I support it 100% because I really am an Czechoslovakian $Jew$!
(all this was decorated with multiple swastikas)

While perusing these signs, there was a handsome, middle-aged black man with a microphone up on the small stage, declaring that "America is the most racist country in the world!" to an audience of 20 straggler punk kids and journalists, none of whom were paying attention. Then a young white dude in a Red Sox jersey, probably from Southie, bum-rushed the mic and said "You know, I'm standing here listening to you call America the most racist country in the world, and you know that just ain't right. I'm not a Republican per se but I just think you're pushing it a bit too far, slagging on the country like that." (These quotes are very approximate, but I'm nailing the tone.)

To which the man bellowed: "Have you ever heard of ALABAMA! Have you ever heard of MISSISSIPPI! Have you ever heard of Israel!"

?No, all I'm saying is, I mean look at you -- you look like you're doing all right for yourself, brother. Am I wrong here? Sure looks like you're doing better than me, for instance."

It was still going on like that when we were a quarter mile away (the Freedom Cage's P.A. is particularly strong). Still, no one paid attention.