Hit & Run

Hey, Senior-Citizen Washington Delegates! What Do You Feel About of Ralph Nader?


Senior Citizen 1: Ralph Nader? We feel he should get out of the race.
Senior Citizen 2: He's dead!!
SC 1: We feel very strongly he should get out of the race. I think he's talking out of both sides of his mouth!
Me: Yeah? How do you mean?
SC 1: Well, because he feels very strongly about getting George Bush out, but yet he stays in the race which will put him back. ? But I don't think [his support] is strong as it was four years ago.
Me: But he says he got Maria Cantwell elected.
SC 1: (Shakes head in violent ridicule.) No way.
SC 2: Wait a minute, what did this have to do with Ron Reagan?
Me: No, no, no, no, Ralph Nader, Ralph Nader.
SC 2: I thought you said Ron Reagan. I thought, "What?"