Hit & Run

The Picture of Kerry Enthusiasm


I asked the following question of California Kerry delegate Patrick Kahler, age 38, from San Bernardino:

Q: So, tell me something that makes you enthusiastic about John Kerry, about him personally.

A: About John Kerry personally? Um (five-second pause). Because politics are personal, and politics are local, my father was a Vietnam Marine. When we were talking about who can run for president against Bush, he told me he backed Kerry; he goes, "you know, I don't like to vote for Democrats, but I'll vote for Kerry." And between us talking in a couple of months, we decided "you know, that is the right guy." And back in January, he said, "you should support that guy, you support Kerry," and I started learning about him, looking into his record, and finding that yes, he was a class act, and he has probably what it took the best. And I became a Kerry delegate very very early, even when people were still screaming Dean.