The Whole World Is Blogging


The Wall Street Journal profiles 30 of the bloggers and quasi-bloggers covering the Democratic convention, including Reason's own Matt Welch.

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  1. I just skimmed, but am I wrong in my asessment that all of these guys, save two, are supporting the Democrats? And those two were noncommital “I am not stating my poreferences” or mealy-mouthed “I want to build bridges between the parties!” types?

  2. I find Presidential elections to be so nauseating. Matt Welch must be a masochist.

  3. Well, there was one unabashed Republican/Bush supporter. It also seems that most were initially Dean supporters.

  4. And, knowing librarians, the librarian who say’s she’s undecided yet likes hearing Obama speak is trying to decide if she can vote for Kerry instead of Nader.

  5. Sandy: The librarian is a friend of mine, and I cannot conceive of her voting for Bush, except perhaps as an ironic gesture. While it’s possible she’s mulling a vote for Kerry, it’s more likely she’s torn between Nader and Staying Home.

  6. Please get the word out that everyone can now see all the approved bloggers at the DNC, in real time, at:

    I’d suggest to vist the site, then Bookmark or Favorite, then check back in their window every 15 minutes or so. This will be the story, assuming that DNC bloggers can get inside the beltway. Big test for bloggers.

    Carl Parkes

  7. Thus far I give the blogosphere a big fat F for their convention coverage. I don’t care about your hotel room or your all-access pass. As a group, their real lack of reporting chops has been exposed. The closest thing to infotainment they’ve managed to get across so far.

  8. I was going to ask if the librarian was related to the Quaker author of the same name.
    If so, she would be a cousin to Richard Nixon. For some reason I found that amusing.

    A google search showed that she is not.

  9. Matt Welch: I plan on voting for Kerry

    Matt’s got some splainin to do.

  10. every time i see matt welch’s picture i want to slap a sonic youth sticker over it. would it kill him to smile? 🙂

  11. Sandy: Jessamyn expands on her voting plans here:

    Infoshop News: Are you being coy about your politics? The WSJ asked you which candidate you were supporting.

    Jessamyn West: That was amusing. I can quote you what I told them:

    “I’m not registered Democratic; I’m a bit more concerned with the issues than the winner-take-all aspect of this election.”

    And then they hassled me about who I was voting for:

    Wall Street Journal: ?Thanks for everything, Jessamyn. One last tiny thing: You didn’t quite answer the question below … Is there a reason? At the very least, I’d like to know who you plan on voting for in November.?

    Jessamyn West: ?Off the record: I’m not comfortable with the question. I don’t feel like alienating potential readers/connections/friends/family by stating four months in advance how I’m planning on voting, or if I’m planning on voting. The longer and more genuine answer has to do with coming from a radical political background where voting is seen as tacitly implying confidence in a system that –quite frankly–I have very little confidence in. On the other hand, not voting is seen as tantamount to apathy and/or deserving whichever candidate gets elected. Voting for a more fringe candidate like Nader or Kucinich is seen as ?throwing your vote away? which, as a left-leaning person, will get you hollered at by other mainstream Democrats if Bush gets re-elected. I’m anxious to not be reduced to one political choice this election season and so I choose to not state who I intend to vote for because I’m still mulling options in my head. I did not vote in the primary because Dean was a foregone conclusion in Vermont. On the record: I’ll do anything possible to get Bush out of office, and if that means voting Democratic, so be it. You could call me undecided if you need a short answer.?

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