Parties Over?


Do we really need another lengthy piece about how the center of political action is shifting away from political parties and toward 527s like MoveOn? Much as I'd like to say "no," in the case of Matt Bai's thorough New York Times Magazine cover story, I'll make an exception.


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  1. The piece is well written and sprinkled with enough insider tidbits to make it interesting. It is interesting that the progressive intelligentsia think the liberal cause can be saved by better marketing, more money, etc. Perhaps the problem is less the structure of the Democratic party and more the failure of progressive ideas. The recent book by Zell Miller is a breezy look at why the Democratic Party is on the ropes… and the blame for Miller goes more to issues than to the successful conservative cabal.

  2. There’s an interesting piece in the July 25 Chicago Tribune about George Soros. It talks about his latest investment, er, his “personal beliefs”, to defeat George Bush. It mentions that one of the life changing moments he had as a student was reading Karl Popper.

    I instantly thought of the blog Samizdata that has the Karl Popper Open Society book featured in its presentation. But then I though about the various Soros grants to environmentalists, gun control organizations and family planning groups.

    I’ve never read Karl Popper, but now I think I must. How else am I to understand George Soros losing his mind by “risking” his own capital to partake in one currency market he knows he cannot manipulate: United States Politics?

    For Soros and other 527 organization’s sake, I hope their dollars can control weather patterns on election day. They’ll need it.

  3. The only thing that matters with a book is whether it’s a bestseller. Publishers are in business to make a profit. By reading a book that isn’t even in the Top 35 nonfiction works, Mr. Ortega reveals his contempt for the mass of readers and shows that he is a Gauloise-sucking elitist dedicated to oppressing the laboring classes he pretends to champion!

  4. Ha Ha! The Revenge of the Tim Cavanaugh !

  5. How can one respond to a verbal parry so devastatingly witty and nuanced? Ah, perhaps one of my favorite quotes from an American boxer…

    “If you ever hit me and I find out about it…”

    Better days, Tim.

  6. I had no idea you were so wounded, Mr. Cavanaugh,
    as to seek me out on another thread. And you could have picked a much better thread for your “ambush.” Restating the general thesis of Zell Miller’s book (in one sentence) is hardly a literary review. Here’s a friendly suggestion, grow a thicker skin. It will be invaluable, particularly if you decide to write professionally some day.

  7. Woo! This cat has claws! Rrarr!

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