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Bostonians and Reason readers alike are hereby alerted that Matt Welch and Tim Blair are in da haus. Blair and Welch will be covering the Democratic National Convention all week at the Reason Conventions blog. They will be both reporting on the Democratic follies and canvassing Boston in an attempt to verify the long-standing rumor that beans are good for your heart. Stay tuned. Convention coverage will be accessible from this page and Reason's main page, and is eminently bookmarkable at

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  1. Tim and Mathew working hard and slamming down pints at The Field.

  2. Could Tim or Matt please try carrying anti-Kerry signs in proximity to the convention and see what happens? This first ammendment abridgment at campaign events is outragios and needs to be explored and protested.

  3. Whoops, spell check failed. 😐

  4. I looked at a picture of The Bear, and I immediately saw what appears to be a glaring weakness. Namely, the windsheild wipers.

    No comments on the convention blog?

    Is there wacky coverage of the DNCC available somewhere? You know, someone who goes there and covers the action away from the ball?

  5. Better you than me; I’m staying out of Boston all this week and only getting as close as Cambridge once.

    Lonewacko: You might start by looking at

    It’s got lots of links to local blogs, DNC-related and otherwise.

  6. The Blair-Welch Project?

  7. “The Blair-Welch Project?”

    In the summer or 2004, two Reason staffers went to the city of Boston, Massachusetts, to report on the Democratic National Convention.

    They were never seen again.

    One year later, a laptop computer containing their web log reports was found…

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