Hit & Run

Why Kerry Will Win, Chapter XVI


Over at Newsweek/MSNBC, John Kerry's old political foe, former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, who lost a '96 Senate race to Wooden John, says that Kerry will lose, for some of the same reasons I sketched out below.

But Weld actually makes a pretty strong case for why Kerry could take the election:

John Kerry will again run a shrewd campaign. He will have it both ways. As he moves to the center, he will run not against the Iraq war, but against this Iraq war. He'll attack, but he will always be careful to wave the flag as he does so. He will lament positions of the Christian right, but attend church without fail. He will stand for gun control, but remind voters?in appropriate states?that he is a bird hunter. He will, in other words, be pro-military?and against this war; pro-religion?and against the "extremists"; pro-gun control?and pro-guns. He will run knowing that Americans like to be for, as well as against, things.

Whole thing here.