Hit & Run

Money Sinking Into the Swamp


As I predicted in this article from the year 2000 in The American Enterprise about the follies and uncertainties of the federal "Everglades restoration," the expected cost just keeps rising.

"Restoration" is a misnomer. And it should be remembered that the damage the Army Corps' project is now trying to fix was caused by the last time the Army Corps chose to treat the 'Glades as a tinkertoy set in the late '40s. The Corps? current $7.8-billion-and-rising work will just be another human re-engineering, reflecting current human wants. And, as I wrote in TAE:

As one report from a science sub-group to the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force put it, ?the effects on the system of substantially altering large-scale ecological processes are largely unknown.? We simply don?t know what we need to know to have any assurance that the end result of the Re-Study will be any closer to anyone?s ideal Everglades than the result of the last manipulation.