But I thought the terrorists were for Kerry


Police seal off Kerry HQ after staffer opens white-powder package.

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  1. I can't imagine who would benefit from disrupting the Kerry campaign.

  2. Which terrorists? The right-wing militias tend to dislike Dems who want to bring us closer to the UN. Or are you making the knee-jerk reaction that all terror must be from radical muslims? Now, now, that racist thinking is soooo 1995.

  3. If I were a weak candidate and wanted to drum up a little easy public sympathy for my campaign, I'd send myself an envelope of baby powder too. Best publicity that $2 can buy.

  4. Don't worry, I sent them the package. It's gonna be O.K.

  5. Nope. It's just the ashes from Sandy Berger's "misplaced" reports.

  6. Well, the latest reports indicate it was nothing, so perhaps the terrorists really don't have an issue with Kerry.

  7. Best publicity that $2 can buy.

    Expect to see a lot more of this unofficial advertising in the brave new world of McCain-Feingold.

  8. By the way (re: Krispy Kreme thread above) Rick forgot to explain how the Israelis are complicit in our carb-overload diets.

    What, getting the goyim hooked on bagels isn't enough for you?

    (will not eat a "bagel" with blueberries in it!)

  9. this is beginning to resemble the movie "heathers" where even the dumpy, unpopular kids try suicide. since they're such losers in every other aspect of life, they fail at it (or she does at least)... now kerry is trying to show he's also cool and popular: "look, i get threatened too. i'm a real american. uh huh. honestly guys. but no she lives in canada. she really is my girlfriend".

    what a guy. ^**%#^&^&(%^&@$ country club lockjawed moron.


  10. As if this is the first time a campaign staffer ever opened a package of white powder...

  11. The right-wing militias tend to dislike Dems who want to bring us closer to the UN.

    Yeah, but the right-wing militias are on board with the wingnuts' "Bush is trying to implement a police state" theory, too. They're less likely to try to kill Kerry, and more likely to try to hunker down in their bunkers and wait it out.

    Anyway, odds are it was a deeply unfunny practical joke using a nonlethal substance. That's what most of these "white powder" incidents have turned out to be.

  12. That link's now broken.

  13. Suggestion:

    When you're putting something in an envelope to send to a public figure, don't do it in the same room where you keep your powdered donuts and pfeffernusse.

  14. Weather or not Bush is trying to implement a police state, the government is certainly moving in that direction.

    For an interesting exposition of Bush's sell out of liberty on various fronts see: THE BUSH BETRAYAL by James Bovard


  15. Sorry, all my fault.

  16. Damn, the not-Rick-Bartons are spreading! By the way (re: Krispy Kreme thread above) Rick forgot to explain how the Israelis are complicit in our carb-overload diets.

  17. I have a sneaking suspicion that Kerry is mainlining Botox and this was his backup supply.

  18. Kevin,

    Oh oh, the knee jerk Israeli government supporter, with his/her many handles might accuse me of anti-Semitism since I don't eat bagels any more! (those were knd of hard to give up) Also: bluberries are good for you.

  19. "Rick forgot to explain how the Israelis are complicit in our carb-overload diets."

    But seriously, speaking of the Israeli government, thanx to antiwar.com which provided the link for this story:

    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the man who conceived and directed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, was motivated by his strong disagreement with American support for Israel, said the final report of the Sept. 11 commission... Whole story is at:


  20. Weather or not Bush is trying to implement a police state, the government is certainly moving in that direction.

    Yeah, and when I drive to work in the morning, I find myself moving in the direction of El Salvador. That doesn't mean it's rational for a impartial observer to conclude that I'll ever arrive there.

  21. It was just some white toner used in the copy machine that handles top secret documents. It was going to Berger's office but he won't be needing it for a while.


    BTW Rick,

    According to many in the ME you are a Jew(American).

    You know Hitler had the same complaint. Hell a lot of French had that complaint; they didn't even like their own Jews let alone the American ones. America was too cozy with the Jews. You, Hitler, a significant number of Frenchmen, and the people of the ME could be correct.

    Personally it seems to me that imperial America ought to make common cause with the Moslems. Aparently they have no problem with genocide.

    I agree with you Rick. The Jews do not value wholesale slaughter near enough. Like you America should know where its real interests lie. I blame it on the Jewish sheeple.

    If America was a Moslem country we could kill as much as we wanted whoever stood in our way and god would still be on our side. It is time we got past this Christian "goodness" and got on with the Muslim idea of "surrender" to America.

    If we were closer to the Muslims then we could do what we wanted in the world and the UN would never vote against us.

    Very good of you to point this out.

    BTW to keep the morality together do you have a plan for giving America back to its original owners? I mean how can we ask the Israelis to do what we are unwiling to do? That way lies Jew hatred. Which has never been a cultural problem for the French. However it has been an individual problem for about 1/2 of them. From time to time.

    Course the French are very clever. They have outsourced Jew hating. I'm told it is working out well. Jews are leaving France. I'm told the last time they left France on such a scale with French help was 1943/44. Good work France.

    Perhaps Rick, with your cross cultural experience you could help us in America follow France's fine example. Now that Kerry guy. He speaks French don't he? Perhaps he will help as well.

    Well any way I studied French in high school and I remember the French motto pretty well. Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Vichy. Or something like that. It has been a long time.

    I'm still hoping we can get into a war like WW2 where we can bomb the French and be their allies at the same time. It doesn't get much better than that. My French (such as it is) might yet come in handy.

    Well any way. I think you are right if we would just take orders from the Moslems like the Phillipines and Spain are doing they would stop attacking us. They have promised that if we convert to their religion or pay them a special tax and do what they say we will be treated no worse than Jews in Moslem countries. That would be worth it wouldn't it? I mean suppose they promise to attack us if we don't start killing Jews? Well then. The Jews are out. Wouldn't want to invite attack would we? The Christains are next? No problem. No Christians required in Libertopia. They just muck up the works. Secular humanists? (couldn't they just wear stars?) Well any way. I am with you. We should do what they say or else they will hurt us. Boo fookin hoo.

    BTW if you are channeling Neville Chamberlain you are doing an excellent job. Except for the part about joining with Churchill when he saw his policies fail. Of course if it is Vichy you are channeling I have no complaint at all. Excellent.

  22. Dan,

    Even if our government never imposes a police state,(I do not expect that things will ever get that bad) moving in that direction is still undesirable. There is a lot of distance between where we are now and a police state...a lot of freedom to lose.

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