Barthwell Update


Last week Nick Gillespie debated deputy drug czar Andrea Barthwell on the O'Reilly Factor.

Since then, Barthwell quit her job, she's shown interest in running for the open Illinois Senate seat on the Republican ticket (that's the slot Mike Ditka just passed up following Jack Ryan's ugly withdrawal), and she's now in the news for allegedly having "made repeated comments about the sexual orientation of a staff member and used a kaleidoscope to make sexually offensive gestures," according to a "hostile workplace memorandum" written by drug policy office staff.

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  1. From the ABC News article:
    “Dr. Barthwell suggested that the staff member would want to cut the cake available for the gathering because the knife was ‘long and hard’ and he might ‘enjoy handling it.’ When the cake was cut, Dr. Barthwell referred to the pieces as ‘most’ or ‘beefy’ and she said to the staff member, ‘I know you like it big and meaty.'”

    So not only did she engage in this highly inappropriate behavior as deputy drug czar, her comments reflect the cleverness and originality of the average drunken frat boy.
    At least she was a little more creative on O’Reilly Factor. I’d love to hear more of the story about the guy who goes to his shaman, comes away with two grocery carts full of weed, then heads straight to the local elementary school to keep the kids high for days on end. Now that’s entertainment.

  2. She just can’t seem to get you out of her head, Nick. She even quit her job. I’d guard your pets closely to make sure she doesn’t boil them on the stovetop.

  3. I think she’s smoking reefer.

  4. Worse Mo, I think she is chopping up Oxycontin and snorting it over martini’s.

    If she wins in Illinios, look out for a federal bill banning shopping carts within a 1,000 feet of a school!

  5. I really hope shes going to be able to get her job back when the election is all over because there is absolutely no way she is going to win, presuming she even is selected to be the nominee. Down with drug warriors.

  6. So this bitch is pretty much nuts. Doesn’t surprise me, though, considering what department whe used to work for. McCaffrey used to straight-up lie to people’s faces about the drug war. So I’m sure she thought she could get away with just about anything. (Not that she worked for McCaffrey directly, but that department seems to be living in a dream world.)

  7. Job Protection in the department, Lowdog?

  8. That O’Really segment was pathetic. The Deputy Drug Czar has to know that six pounds is way less than two shopping carts. Or that it would keep you intoxicated for waaaayyyyyy more than “days on end.” Doesn’t she?

  9. You have to admit that political correctness actually comes in handy every once in a while. This Barthwell is a piece of work and deserves all the bad press. But if it were just a group of friends doing shots and telling the gay guy to sit on a kaleidescope, that would be flat hilarious.

  10. What Gunnar said.
    Plus I thought medical doctors get a pass for talking dirty.

  11. “I think it’s something that was in the past, something we dealt with and it was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction,”

    said the advocate of mandatory 10-year minimum sentences for possession of an ounce of pot.

  12. My only regret in this matter is that Mike Ditka never got a chance to make an absolute fool of himself while running for the Senate.

  13. Heh, are there any Republicans in IL that haven’t had sex scandals or televised profanity-laced tirades?

    Maybe they should put an ad in…

  14. The lesson to be learned here:


  15. Two shopping carts worth of lawn clippings would weigh more that six pounds.

    “No Spin Zone” my formerly zoned out head. Can you imagine O’Reilly after a couple of hits? It’d do him a world of good.

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