Getting Off Lightly


Predictions for what will happen to Saddam Hussein, whose trial is a about to begin.

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  1. They oughta turn Saddam over to the tribunal at the Hague, so he can get 20 years for genocide. Those guys don't mess around!

  2. He can't be gotten rid of soon enough. As long as he's around, he's another rallying point for those who hate the new Iraq.

  3. After Ceausescu's fall, one of his subjects was quoted as saying "Every Romanian should have a piece of his skin."

    Probably just as appropriate for Iraq now.

  4. "The King wanted the Jury to settle whether the Knave of Hearts was guilty or not guilty--that means that they were to settle whether he had stolen the Tarts, or if somebody else had taken them. But the wicked Queen wanted to have his punishment settled, first of all. That wasn't at all fair, was it? Because, you know, supposing he never took the Tarts, then of course he oughtn't to be punished. Would you like to be punished for something you hadn't done?"

    Maybe we're jumping ahead of ourselves people. Maybe he was just following orders?

  5. Time to re-post!

    I've always liked that Homerian (Simpson) word 'unblowupable'. How big will the security perimeter be and how many troops will be involved? Wherever Saddam is, that will be the Mother Of All Targets.

    Fearless prediction #5: All Hell is about to break loose.

    Fearless prediction #6: Somebody's going to nuke the building he's in, so quit whining about leniency.

  6. I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm a thread killer.

  7. Far as I know, Saddam is still the head of state of Iraq. Bush's army's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and the deposing of Saddam had no legal standing in Iraqi law. The US puppet government of Iraq wants to hang Saddam as soon as possible, before our November elections, but were they to wait for a democratic government to be formed, the Iraqi people just might return Saddam to power. Stranger things have happened: an astonishingly large number of US citizens support George Bush.

  8. The comment in the article about the "trial of the century" illustrates a media cliche: Nothing as interesting as what's happening now is going to happen for the next 96 years.

  9. Good thinking, Ed.

  10. Actually, he raises an interesting question; legally, is the old Iraqi government and legal system defunct, or is there a chain of sovereignty between the Saddam govt and the new govt?

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