Why B.D. Blows


The Boston Globe quotes Reason's own "self-described" Jesse Walker on the sad fate of Gary Trudeau, who's become even less funny than the similarly named former prime minister of Canada:

Critics such as Reason magazine managing editor Jesse Walker, a self-described libertarian, say the problem with the strip is that the older and angrier Trudeau gets, the less consistently funny and cutting edge it becomes.

"He's a cartoonist whose best days are behind him," says Walker, who is 33. "He's become more like a Democrat than a humorist. At times, he just seems mad at Bush or the NRA. Even when he's kind of `on,' he's lost that edge."

Whole thing here.

And while you're waiting for the revival of the Broadway musical version of Doonesbury, check out Walker's own excellent essay on Trudeau's slide into baby boom suckage that originally appeared in the July 2002 ish of Reason.