Richard Hatch Would Take All These Suckas


A Democratic PAC has put together a little web feature they call Republican Survivor, premiering next month, which will allow viewers to decide which of George W. Bush, Ann Coulter, Dick Cheney, Tom Delay, Katherine Harris, and John Ashcroft gets voted off an animated island each week. There's a trailer up now; looks potentially amusing.

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  1. Richard Hatch??? I didn’t know that Apollo, Starbuck, Sheeba, Boomer, Commander Adama, and the rest of the crew of the Galactica were Democrats.

  2. The only difference between this “survivor” and the real one is that the outcome for this is already planned out in advance, with each step meticulously scripted to achieve the maximum amount of viewer interest and controv…um, never mind.

  3. Katherine Harris doesn’t belong on that list. The only thing of note she has ever done was her minor role in the 2000 election. That was four years ago. The left really needs to get over that.

  4. Neither does Coulter. At least Harris actually has political power. Coulter just vomits on a keyboard.

  5. Xavier:

    I was thinking the same thing myself. I mean, obviously it should be someone like Donald Rumsfeld, who has a giant bullseye on his face these days anyway.

  6. I hope Asscroft gets thrown off first into shark infested water.

  7. WTF? Which party will have a PAC that makes a show where we get to vote people on to an island? That’s the party that gets my vote.

  8. Good; vote the Bush administration folks off the island with out life preservers! The nation will have been done a great favor. But, don’t blame the Republican congress for their sins.

    In fact, the evidence is that if we could toss out the big spending congressional Democrats (which is to say, all most all of them), both liberty and prosperity would be safer for it.

  9. Coulter takes them all, and writes a best-selling book about it. Not only that, it’s the truth.

  10. “Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

    Well, I suppose that if the DNC wastes their money on this, they can’t use it to cause real trouble…

  11. Who wants to live on Donkey Island anyway.

  12. {Who wants to live on Donkey Island anyway?}

    Pinocchio did until he figured out what they were up to. But he had an excuse. His head was really made of wood.

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