Rupert Murdoch, Friend to the Enviro-Left


At the American Spectator site, Ivan Osorio points out that while the forthcoming movie The Day After Tomorrow may bouy lefty arguments about global warming, it helps sink lefty arguments about media consolidation.


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  1. This flick ain’t gonna bouy or sink nothing. It’s all about the $$$$$$.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Sorry Y’all:

    This film could indeed help to invoke the codified Precautionary Principle in the Treaty of the European Community (from Nice). So, it could actually have an effect on environmental policy here in Europe. And there is legal basis for it. People can actually cite this and be fully legal. On the late news an “Expert” was interviewed on this topic, because of this film. On two German stations I saw somthing quite like that too. Listen to your NPR or some other left oriented news to see if they wonder and worry about this.

    Remember that Pearl Harbor the Movie did affect how people viewed that conflict, or that the movie Troja will “educate” many on that war, movies that claim to depict “factual” events cause consternation amongst some. And those oftentimes are the “Greenpeace” or overlyworried group. Not to paint with too broad a brush, but this clumsy explanation will have to do.

    An American who is at the Exchange program here told me of his parents, who recently saw the movie, Troja, but the Camera broke, and everybody had to leave. As the Parents were leaving, they overheard another family talking, “Who do you think will win this war?”

    O yes, the wonders of Public Education.

  3. You mean that Rupert is “fair and balanced”?

  4. I expect it’ll be vastly overshadowed by the effect of Gibson’s Jesus-porn.

    Secondly, it’s absurd to think a *disaster movie* – part of a consistently awful genre – is going to have as much impact on voters as day-to-day editorial decisions.

    Good lord. Was Nixon impeached because of the “Poseidon Adventure” and “The Towering Inferno”?

    Sheesh. People don’t vote based on disaster movies, which they expect to exaggerate things and be unrealistic.

    But they do spend lots of money watching them. Which is why Fox is involved.

    Fox’s talking heads and editorialists *love* to rail against indecency and the decline of the culture. Yet Fox has produced some of the most decadent programs, such as “Who wants to Marry a Millionaire”. And Murdoch’s Sun, in Britain, has bare tits every day on page 3; Murdoch’s US columnists and opinionators would probably have a stroke if confronted by that. Think of the Children! Worse than Janet Jackson, 5 days a week!

    But when it comes to editorial matters, Murdoch is pretty consistent. And that’s what moves public opinion.

  5. Secondly, it’s absurd to think a *disaster movie* – part of a consistently awful genre – is going to have as much impact on voters as day-to-day editorial decisions. Good lord. Was Nixon impeached because of the “Poseidon Adventure” and “The Towering Inferno”?

    No, but “The China Syndrome” did markedly feed the anti-nuclear hysteria that killed America’s shift from coal-burning power plants to nuclear ones. For that matter, movies like “Jurassic Park” probably contributed to anti-GM hysteria, too.

  6. Following up on Gene’s point, Rupert Murdoch financed the The Weekly Standard, and check out what William Kristol has been saying lately:

    “If we have to make common cause with the more hawkish liberals and fight the conservatives, that is fine with me,”

    The Weekly Standard editor added that the neoconservatives may just abandon the Right altogether and convert to neo-liberalism.

  7. This sucks. First King Kong comes out
    and bolsters the left’s arguments against
    introducing giant monkeys into modern civilization, and now this?

  8. Junk science is no less effective at invading public consciousness than actual science.

    Actual science is factual and true, which may give it a bit of an advantage. But real science is really boring.

    Junk science is fun! It’s exciting and scary! It changes constantly! It can’t be defated, because it’s like a virus that mutates whenever pressured.

    News Corp. is a big place. It is not a large monolith where Rupert Murdoch makes all of the decisions and communicates them telepathically to all of his drones.

    I think the liberals have been watching too many movies.

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