Shorter Joli Jensen


While I recommend that everyone check out Joli Jensen's article from our April issue on antidepressants and how they're marketed, for the time crunched among you, there's this short flash animation.

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  1. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, that lifted the clouds of depression so much im taking myself off the medication.

  3. I’m with Sandy on the article (though it didn’t make me rethink my subscription – no one throws aces every time, and besides, I want that cool cover with the satellite photo of my apartment!) If Joli Jensen really knew what depression feels like she’d opt for the pills. That said, it is an alternate viewpoint that deserves to be argued, but hopefully next time by someone better equipped to do so.

    The animation, however, is quite funny.

  4. Anti-depressants are a $40 billion market.

    Pot is useful as an anti-depressant. At tenths of a cent a dose vs. dollars for the “ethical” product.

    Guess which companies are in the fore front of the Drug Free America campaign?

    Pot is the least harmful of all the illegal drugs yet pot gets the majority of enforcement resources.

    My question. Is there a pattern here?

  5. I’m with Sandy and Jarod…the article was a swamp desperately in search of a path to anywhere.

    Depression is a life-threatening illness, and is 80% curable with a combination of drugs and therapy. If you’ve never had the before and after experience of successfully using an anti-depressant, then you have an inadequate understanding of this issue.

  6. Hmmm…the short version had much better points and was argued more insightfully.

    Just goes to show Ms. Jensen just needed a good editor, some flash animation, and to be totally replaced by somebody else making a different and much better point.

    Seriously, guys, I had to think hard about my resubscription after reading that article–not because I disagreed with the slant, such as there was, but because it was such content-free crap. I don’t always agree with Jacob Sullum or Ron Bailey on medical or scientific topics, but I at least enjoy reading them.

    However, I suggest that she has a big future writing for Salon. That’s the place for touchy-feely pieces with no real arguments other than vague feelings and warmed over post-structuralism.

  7. The flash animation was very funny. I actually was laughing out loud as opposed the usual chuckle I get from these sorts of things.

  8. Yes, the animation was brilliant. Really, it had me at “Are you a miserable ovoid creature?”

  9. Yes, the animation was brilliant. Really, it had me at “Are you a miserable ovoid creature?”

    Also, that fantastic song that is playing is called “Mucha Muchacha” and it’s by Esquivel. He’s a mastermind of the old 60s lounge scene.

  10. alternately, i’d say if you’d never had to help someone get off of those drugs after they either stopped being effective or clearly were not what was needed, your view is also incomplete.

    as i’ve said here before, saying “drug companies are up to some nefarious marketing shit” is neither invalidating the existence of depression nor being a commie. it’s merely saying that maybe, just maybe, there’s more to this shit than chemicals, and that a one-size-fits-all approach to mental health is fucking stupid.

    i really do think we influence our brain chemistry as well as are influenced by it, and there are plenty of non-pill ways to fuck with that shit.

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