Pill Bill Killed


A bill that would have created a computerized prescription drug monitoring system in Florida in an effort to prevent "diversion" of opioids died in the state legislature last week. Opponents argued that the system would invade patients' privacy and exacerbate the problem of inadequate pain treatment by making physicians more fearful of prescribing narcotics. The Pain Relief Network, which lobbied against the legislation, says the measure also was hurt by publicity surrounding the case of Richard Paey, the Florida man who recently received a 25-year sentence for obtaining drugs to treat his severe chronic pain.

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  1. Stick in a 25 year prison sentence and horse whipping for people who deny pain relief to people who need it and I might sign on.
    Having known pain, I am against it.

  2. Way to go america!! Place a disabled man in prison! what justice is that? Is the punishment worthy of the crime? was there even a crime commited? I am floored! I am tired of BIG BROTHER Bothering non harmful individuals!

    what a sad outrage. i feel for that man and his family.

    At least the “pill Bill” is killed for the moment. But im sure if will rear its EVIL head once again.

    people NEED to get more involved with politics!

    IT IS A MUST if you want to keep a free America. otherwise, we will all end up as criminals and serving a sentance for an ‘uncriminal’ offense.


    go painnetwork! Keep up the good work, im sure if enough people understand what is happening, then MAYBE some things will be changed for the good. I can only hope.

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