Papers Losing In Ink-Stained Bloodbath: Peanut gallery joins the show—blogs a pickler for Gore-bashing feuilletoniste


New at Reason: Matt Welch spins the news.

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  1. “”Why doesn?t every newsroom with more than 100 employees have a built-in Spinsanity?””

    I think the central problem with modern journalism is that journalism still conceive of it as an individualistic endeavor. They think that they as individuals are capable of understanding and competently reporting on any story from science, to finance, to corporate governance, to foreign politics and cultures. There is nothing they can’t handle. They think that as individuals they can determine and compensate for their own prejudices and blindspots.

    Journalist need to create large teams to handle complex stories. They need to create internally antagonistic processes for examining stories from different perspectives and for vetting the results for institutional biases. In short, we need new media institutions.

    We can’t fly by the seat of our pants anymore.

  2. About time we retired the term “Al Gore.” I’ve seen it enough already.

  3. Are you trying to make sure no one clicks on the link to Matt’s story? What the hell is that headline supposed to be?

    It was a good story, though. My first response when he asserted that it would harder to snow the public in 04 than it was last time was bullshit. But by the end, he had me.

    So Matt, anything interesting going on in Eastern Europe?

  4. Shame Reason doesn’t have the same regard for non-partisan picking apart of new stories.

    I followed that advertisment link to on the front page…. biggest pile of biased spin I’ve seen in a while that had the nerve to masquerade as ‘fair and balanced’ since the last time I saw Fox.

    And I’m not even a Democrat.

  5. I am just glad to see one more nail in the coffin of the traditional media establishment.

    Power to the people baby!

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