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If a university really wants to advance "intellectual diversity," a good first step would be to require its economics students to study some anthropology and its anthropology students to study some economics. Worst-case scenario: you'll expand some worldviews. Best-case scenario: you'll get more scholars like Grant McCracken.

[Via Virginia Postrel.]

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  1. It’s amazing what taking one free-market oriented microeconomics class can accomplish. I wish more (any?) universities would require it.

  2. NCDan’s experiences with anthropology match my own. Egad, let’s get the sociologists to study economics. Their heads might explode.

  3. say anthropologists don’t study economics. It seems I’ve read several marxist interpretations of culture in American Anthropologist over the years..although I’ll admit I haven’t cracked an issue of American Anthropologist in at least 5 years. Maybe they’re over it.

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