"It Glides As Softly as a Cloud!"


From the Seattle Times:

At the same time the Seattle Monorail Project is trying to reduce spending on design and construction on the proposed Green Line, the agency is paying millions of dollars for promotional advertising.

Monorail officials plan to spend $2.6 million through May for print, radio and television ads, and a similar amount in the second half of this year, according to agency figures.
Executive Director Joel Horn called the ad campaign an "educational program" to improve public knowledge about the monorail, which would connect downtown to Ballard and West Seattle by 2009.

Critics say the ads are meant to distract attention from serious problems with the project. "The advertising that they're doing right now is simply to convince the people, as well as the City Council, that they have everything under control, which they do not," said Faye Garneau, a North Seattle property owner…..

They should have just hired Lyle Lanley….