Where the Rubber Doesn't Meet the Road


Bush Administration officials are trying to warn kids about the dangers of prophylactics. Advice columnist Amy Alkon says:

They're hot to put warning labels on condom packets saying what they don't do: protect from genital warts. What do they think, kids will say, "Oh, we're going to get genital warts so we won't have sex at all?" Right. What they're more likely to say (while tearing off all their clothes for some nice unprotected sex) is, "Oh, why bother using a condom?" -- putting themselves at risk, not just for genital warts, but syphillis and HIV.

Though for absurdist reasons, I kind of like the idea of the FDA Office of Device Evaluation -- yep, that's the name -- issuing warnings about what certain tools don't do. That toothbrush? Doesn't cure cancer.