The Chairman Dances


Cato Chairman Bill Niskanen has thrown his hat into the presidential ring as part of Showtime's American Candiate program. The show, which debuts this summer, will be a survivor-style contest to select a "people's choice" president—which, for my money, beats the hell out of the current system. The ten finalists who'll appear on the program will be selected in June.

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  1. (I’ll let you know when I manage to work in affirmative action and land use planning).

    I think three strawmen is enough for one post, joe.

  2. He’ll beat Nader.

  3. “Each candidate will have the same opportunity to make his case in the media!”

    Not exactly, read the FAQ. The producers will select a field of a dozen or more for the show, while there appear to be at least 68 candidates on the website. So, it’s like Miss America but they’ve chosen the final 12 off-camera.

    As usual, I’m informed of these things after the entrance cutoff.

    Apparently there are meetups for the current candidates, so perhaps the producers will choose the final 12 based on the buzz from those focu—- er, meetups.

    Or, they’ll just pick bimbos.

  4. Will there be hot tubs, worm-eating, handing out of necklaces, catfights, a memorable catch phrase?
    If not, I ain’t watching.
    I am America.
    Lower that denominator!

  5. Hmmmm doesn’t Showtime produce Penn a Teller’s BULLSHIT? Who’s running things over there? Is this a trend in advancing libertarianism? or just wishfull thinking.

  6. Problem 1: “Niskanen” sounds a lot like “Nixon.”

  7. joe:

    If they have equal fame going in, there is no problem. It is when you get five minutes of air time and so does someone who is already fameous for being a politician. Equal time kills you, not him.

    Niskanen is a probably a better pick than Ed Crane. Mr. Crane tends to rub some folks the wrong way, I gather. Never met either, myself. Imagine the cabinet …

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