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New at Reason: What do Condoleezza Rice and Colt Seavers have in common? Nick Gillespie salutes the unknown stuntpersons.

NEXT: But Could They Organize a Flashmob?

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  1. Do you think it is remotely possible that Rice, Bush’s favorite advisor, takes the fall? Brown Sugar? Come on… no way…

  2. I agree. Even now, she has very high favorability ratings. If they made her take the fall, I think it would hurt them more than it would help.

  3. Nick, I think you and everyone else have been snookered by a Brer Rabbit gambit by the Bushies. “No, no,” they pleaded, “don’t make Condi testify! Oh please don’t!”, all the while blatantly stonewalling and dropping sinister hints that oh boy, that Condi really had something to hide. Just as the Bushies knew it would, the hype grew and grew, and finally the commision said “Into the briar patch–er, the chair in front of the 9/11 Commission with you, and under oath, too!” Of course, nothing Condi admits at this point short of explicit forknowledge of the attacks could really live up to the suspicions that have been built by all the hype, and her entirely bland, scripted testimony will effectively short-circuit the controversy. It’s a plot worthy of Condi’s great progenitor.

  4. All the pop culture references are rather, I don’t know…childish, wouldn’t you say? Surely the adults who shop here have read a book or two. There was a Homer before Simpson. Reason readers are not stupid or shallow. Why the dumbing-down of the discourse?

  5. Dreamer: Why do pop culture references “dumb down” the discourse? Snob, you are.

  6. brainfang,

    Boob, you are.

  7. Boob? Who’s dumbing it down?

  8. Boob? Who’s dumbing it down here?

  9. Boob? Who’s dumbing it down here?

  10. Boob? Who’s dumbing it down here?

  11. Boob? Who’s dumbing it down here?

  12. I don’t pentuple post.

  13. Scribbler,
    You got it. She’ll come out with guns blazing. Although I don’t see any way to play the race card, look for the potent sound bite ala “high tech lynching”.

  14. Dreamer & Brainfang:

    Just to split the diff, there was a Homer Simpson before the fat animated guy on Sunday night. In Nathanael West’s DAY OF THE LOCUST, said Homer stomps a child to death in the middle of a riot. One of the most disturbing scenes in film, and Donald Sutherland pulls it off masterfully.

  15. Disturbing scene, true, but that really was an annoying kid. Like Sam Kinison said, he doesn’t condone wife-beating, but he understands it…

  16. For clarification sake, who is Colt Seavers? 🙂

  17. JB,

    Colt Seavers was a stuntman/bounty-hunter/amateur sleuth played by Lee Majors in a 1980s US TV series called “The Fall Guy.” The main thing I remember about the show is Heather Thomas in tight jeans.

  18. Lee Majors, the man who pioneered the botox look years before there was botox. He must be more talented than we can truly imagine, to have had a successful acting career with only 1-1/2 facial expressions to work with.

  19. First of all there is much more relevance in Homer Simpson, than in Homer’s Ilyad or whatever.

    Take for example this exchange;

    Abhu: “Chief of Police Wiggam, if you don’t do something I will be forced to take the law into my own hands”

    Wiggam: “Yeah, you should look into that, a lot of people are doing that these days”

    That might not be an exact transcript of what was on the show last night, but it is close as I can remember.

  20. I say skip the cartoon references and go straight to hand puppets.

  21. OL,

    Oh yes; the “Bionic Man.” 🙂

  22. Scribbler, you are a bad man. Not only was the Red Skull a Nazi, but when Captain America was briefly revived in the 1950’s, the Skull was revealed to have switched allegiance to the Commies. Even Godwin couldn’t have anticipated smearing an African-American conservative Republican as a Communazi!


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