But Could They Organize a Flashmob?


New at Reason: Jesse Walker probes dark underbelly of censorship, organized crime, teen sex, and mind-numbing boredom in the online version of The Sims.

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  1. You should consider it a compliment that I think your article was too short.

    At the same time, it was too goddamn short. Get back to work.

  2. And adults participate in this?
    Why? Seriously, I’d like to know.

  3. Pavel,

    There was an excruciatingly long treatment of this subject in the issue past. I suggest you brew a strong pot of coffee before you begin.

  4. i thought the characters won’t able to get it on. how does a cyberbrothel work, then?

  5. Critic,

    In the online issue? I’m not having any luck using the three-monkeys-locked-in-a-file-room search feature.

  6. Pavel,

    It was in the last print issue. It took me four toilet sessions to finish it, but that’s probably more information than you need.

  7. Critic, eat more apples.

  8. I breifly played the Sims Online, since I liked the original game. I have to agree that it’s boring, and there’s little point to anything. One of the few amusing things is to see how bad you can be.

    Not that it’s confined to just the Sims, but at least other online games have actual goals and things to do.

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