Full Bore


Courtesy of Arts & Letters Daily comes this interersting meditation on boredom (yes, a paradox) in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Liberating and terrifying, benumbing and enlightening, boredom raises questions about meaning it can't possibly answer. Is experience itself a void, as 20th century artists like Beckett, Cage, Duchamp, Warhol and others often suggest? Or is boredom a failure of our own spirits and imagination? That, as Thick Description Artistic Director Tony Kelly puts it, gives boredom its inevitable, strangely energizing "sense of dread."

A culture frantic to entertain, stimulate, divert and inform us is in no danger of drowning out boredom. If anything, it may make that placid sense of turning off and turning away, buoyantly detached and rising to the opportunity, more valuable than ever.

Whole goddamned thing here.