I don't pretend to understand what is going on with Eurotunnel, but it sure is fun to watch. Anytime you have a CEO getting the boot after winning a libel case against one of his biggest critics, that is quality entertainment.

But I'm not clear on what the management team did wrong. The working assumption seems to be that since Eurotunnel cost an ungodly amount of money to build, it should therefore return ungodly profits. We all know that ain't so.

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  1. Do they have a food court in that joint?

  2. I’ve always felt that they missed a great advertising opportunity in not transporting Princess Di’s body back via the Chunnel rather than flying it back.

  3. The Chunnel makes more sense as a freight route. Passengers either want a nice trip (ferry), or speed and convenience (airliners). Freight, on the other hand, just wants to get from A to B as cheap as possible, and that’s where trains really excel.

    Freight, and bargain travel.

  4. Douglas Fletcher,

    I can’t say; I have to admit never using the train to cross the channel. I perfer ferries; the sea is more interesting.

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