The State of California vs. Volunteerism


Thanks to a 2001 provision of California's state labor codes, the Sacramento Watersheds Action Group has been ordered to pay $50 grand in back wages and fines for the crime of using student volunteers on a creek restoration project.

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  1. I love it. Something in the same spirit happened here in Salt Lake last x-mass. A few civic groups volunteered to ring the bells for the salvation army’s buckets. It turns out the ringers get a cut of the take and for some of the regulars this was their sole annual income. There was quite a stink.

  2. California didn’t seem to have any problem with prisoners “volunteering” to fight the wild fires.

  3. Looks like textbook law of unintended consequences, coupled with traditional union greed: “They had a lot of heavy equipment out there,” [Gary Sharette of the Laborers Union Local 185] said. “That’s construction work.” . Boo hoo.


  5. Government protected unions and mandatory enrollment unions are divisive.

  6. I remember when former Governor Davis wanted to force public school students to volunteer for their diplomas. Mandated volunteerism morphs into prohibited volunteerism. Whatever.

  7. I just love to see big-government liberals forced to eat their own dog food.

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