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To be fair I clicked over to the Air America stream and got smacked with beyond parody for my trouble. Bill Maher whining to Janeane Garofalo about "The Disney Corporation" canceling Politically Incorrect? The bad names conservatives called Bill and Hillary? Edgy guys. Real edgy.

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  1. So far, the funniest thing about Air America is what I read on Instapundit. Apparently AA is displacing urban black, Chinese, Korean, and Caribbean programming in various markets. Glenn’s suggested slogan: “Silencing Minorities Since 2004!”

  2. Yeah, Jeff, sounds pretty stale. Whereas libertarins are always talking about cutting-edge, original, un-hackneyed topics like why smoking bans are violations of personal liberty…

  3. Hrm, pointing out the continued ways in which the government’s over-externsion of its powers are robbing us of liberties… or bitching about political namecalling that hurts nothing but feelings. Yeah, you’ve got us there. Libertarians are just so petty and boring.

  4. Based on the small amount I heard, the biggest problem with Air America is that they’re trying to be all things to all Democrats. When they come up against an issue where Democrats can disagree – say, outsourcing – they can only stammer until someone thinks of a good joke about Bush’s ears. Whether

  5. Uh, ignore that last “whether”.

  6. I listened to a little bit of Al Franken, it was extremely boring, I was expecting political satire or something. Then I listened to Randy Rhodes, and one of the very first things she said was that they killed the only afro-centric-carribean station in the New York Area (and it was a good station for Reggae). Her show was interesting. Bill Maher whining about losing Politically Incorrect? Can’t say I blame him, he got fired because people took one line out of context and reacted to words that they had unfair connotations attached to them.

  7. And wasn’t he saying them about Bill Clinton?

  8. Bill Maher got fired because his show’s ratings were in the tank and it had become *boring*. Watching four liberal celebs pile up on one conservative talking-head somehow wasn’t holding people’s interest anymore.

  9. Checked the site. What, no stations in Florida? You’d think they’d be working on trying to steal the next election too.

  10. I just checked out Air America and got sucked into a vortex of libertarian ideology…er, sort of. The first thing I heard was Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (show of hands – who didn’t see that coming?!)

    BUT – he was bitching about Diebold voting machines. Good on Ben!

    This is utterly beside the point, but amusing. The bank near my house just threw themselves a big party because they replaced all their old (but reliable) NCR ATMs with Diebold ATMs. I just used one. It sucked goats.

    It takes three times longer to even recognize that an ATM card has been inserted. Once it did – I kid you not – the pretty graphical screen flashed away, and I saw an Internet Explorer browser screen showing a 404 error. Eventually the Diebold interface came back, and I requested some money. I got another 404 error, then a 500 error. Then my cash came out. Several hours later (I exaggerate for effect) my receipt came out. Also, the machine seemed to be designed to be used only from Hummers or passing jetliners, because the buttons were 14 feet off the ground and pointing up to the sky.

    AND THESE IDIOTS WANT TO RUN OUR ELECTIONS! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Thank you, Air America. Thank you, fat pinko ice cream guy. You have reminded me why I distrust electronic voting machines. Your hosts sucked, but I am pissed, and isn’t that really the purpose of talk radio?

  11. I want it to be good… I just don’t think it will be.

    I mean… why the push for liberal radio anyway?

    It just seems like a bad idea… I’m liberal and all I want to listen to is the news… not talking heads. I don’t need my thoughts or beliefs reinforced by anyone (unlike Rush listeners) I can draw my own conclusions.

    Everyone knows that Rush, O’Reiley & Hannity are boneheads… why try to beat them at their own stupid game?

    Further, is this not just going to further alienate conservatives from what should be thoughtful dialog?

    I dunno… I guess I’m just a little dismayed by the poor effort so far… but I wish them well.

  12. What the hell is wrong with you people!!?? Air America is a like finnaly seeing the light after years of being in the dark. Jesus Christ. There’s nothing I hate more than a pack of whiny liberals who probably had never even tuned into AM radio before decrying Air America. AA is fucking great. I love it. For those that missed Randi Rhodes kicking Nader’s ass, well, you’re all losers anyway. Bye.

  13. On a brighter note, tonight I tuned in “America Left” (as labeled on XM) and heard Alan Colmes interviewing Chicago shockjock “Mancow” about the FCC’s clampdown on naughty speech. Good stuff.

  14. While I would agree that Rush is a tool, I wouldn’t go so far as to call him funny.

  15. those that missed Randi Rhodes kicking Nader’s ass, well, you’re all losers anyway.

    Yes, my friends … this is the mentality that AA stikes a chord with.

  16. Pavel: “did anyone see the new Southpark last night? What a spirit lifting program. I laughed so hard the gun fell out of my mouth.”

    So Southpark saved your life?

  17. “Eric NYC” sounds like the kind of person who’d eat dog crap if someone told him it was organic and half the profits went to save the rain forest…

  18. Are any of the AA shows call-ins? My anecdotal experience with left-wing radio programs is that they loathe any kind of audience participation, preferring a one-on-one or roundtable format. I suspect this is a major reason that listeners keep tuning them out. Who wants to listen to three hours of continuous ego tripping?

  19. Those that missed Randi Rhodes kicking Nader’s ass, well, you’re all losers anyway.

    I heard that and it made me want to never listen to AA again…. Randi Rhodes kept screaming her shrill voice – “I’M ANGRY AT YOU! I’M ANGRY AT YOU!!!!” I didn’t realize how emotionally/illogically partisan this channel would be.

  20. I have to wonder though, if it won’t alienate moderate liberals/democrats.

    It sounds like it’s pretty much to the far left.

    Half the panel on Brit Hume’s show are in fact democrats. There’s the guy from the Weekly Standard who is a conservative, and Charles Krauthammer. But the rest are democrats. Mort Kondracke (sp?), the two people from NPR, and the woman from the washington post. Ultra-partisan, far left democrats? No. But still liberals/democrats.

  21. From Howie Kurtz’s article:

    Garofalo, who emerged as an anti-Iraq war spokeswoman last year, engaged in stream-of-consciousness bar banter with her sidekick, actor Sam Seder. The 8 p.m. host slammed what she called “closet-bigot, homophobe, misogynist people who masquerade as Republicans,” saying they practice “the politics of extreme belligerence, elastic ethics and very malleable and bendable truths.” And she was just warming up.

    Garofalo also groused about Fox News Channel anchor Brit Hume and his “Special Report” panelists — “his Algonquin table of apologists” — whom Seder half-jokingly characterized as “extreme right, far extreme right and very, very far extreme fascist right.”

    HBO talk show host Bill Maher told Garofalo it was inappropriate for conservatives to talk about putting Ronald Reagan’s image on currency and even Mount Rushmore while he is still alive. Garofalo responded: “They want to put his name on everything — airports, park benches, bidets.”

    Garofalo later complained about the “very vulgar things” said about Bill Clinton when he was trying to battle al Qaeda during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

    Maher, taking a swipe at the “lazy” and “stupid” press, offered Garofalo and her network words of encouragement. “There is not a liberal media,” he said. “That’s why I’m glad you guys are there.”

    When exactly does it get relevant and cutting edge?

  22. Oops my comments were the last and first graf only.

  23. Oops my comments were after “I’m glad you guys are there.”

  24. Oops my comments were after “I’m glad you guys are there.”

  25. Jeremy,

    Mara Liason and Juan Williams are the NPRers.

  26. Dull dullards and the boring bores who listen to them?

  27. I not sure that Air America will fly (no puns intended). It seems to spring from a top-down, “we’ve got to educate the masses” mentality that is usually death in the market place for any product.

    For all its faults, conservative talk radio is a genuine bottom-up market driven phenomenon. Nobody designed it.

    I think market demographics will doom liberal talk radio. The audience for talk radio is people who have the time and freedom to listen to radio during the workday. That means retirees, the self-employed, homemakers etc not the kind of demos that tend towards leftism.

  28. “Who wants to listen to three hours of continuous ego tripping?”

    Rush Limbaugh fans

  29. I think it’s kind of ironic that the main thing the title brings to mind for most people is a bad Mel Gibson movie. I have to admit I had hopes for AA, but it was just depressing.

    Speaking of Mel Gibson, did anyone see the new Southpark last night? What a spirit lifting program. I laughed so hard the gun fell out of my mouth.

  30. did anyone see the new Southpark last night

    YES! I couldn’t believe half that stuff made it past the legal department…

  31. At this point, I’ve listened to some of Unfiltered, The O’Franken Factor, and Randi Rhodes. The common thread seems to be a lot of self-congratulatory back patting, and discussion of how fresh their angle is. The content is limited so far, however. I’m going to reserve final judgement for a bit longer.

  32. Damn, I missed that episode of South Park. However, it should be on again tonight. Thanks for the headsup!

  33. Shady,
    Rush doesn’t take up the whole show. He lets listeners have their say as well. Do try to get the point next time.

  34. I fell asleep just before it came on. Is it going to air again tonight?

  35. Rush uses his “ego tripping” as a tool- he telegraphs it. Everyone sees it coming. He makes it blatant and therefore funny.

  36. I just started an AirAmerica monitoring blog called (until that domain becomes active, use this).

    This will be a group blog, and I’m looking for other bloggers who want to contribute. Details here.

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