An Unabashed Plug for IHS


Darin Lowder of the excellent educational nonprofit The Institute for Humane Studies writes,

Each summer the Institute for Humane Studies sponsors a series of seminars for undergraduates, graduate students, and recent college graduates exploring a wide variety of issues. From globalization or the environment to the limits of freedom, we assemble top students and faculty from around the world for lectures, discussions, films, and socials lasting well into the night.

For more information, please go to:

We also have two issues-focused websites—a brand new website on alternative approaches to environmentalism (, and a
site on globalization ( that you may find interesting. Both of those websites have launched essay contests with substantial cash prizes.

Full disclosure: Over the years, I've received various grad school and professional-development fellowships from IHS and I speak at some of their events. And I get a ton of junk mail from them, too.

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  1. The IHS seem like good folks, but Jebus almighty do they send out a lot of junk mail. I like supporting them, but I wonder who to talk to about that.

  2. A Better Earth definitely looks like a good site.

    I am going to add a link to it from my (small but growing) Environmentalism page.

    Environmentalism definitely would benefit from some “alternative approaches.”

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