The Many Lives of Michael Jacobson


These headlines say "activists," plural. Activists have a problem, the story from The Los Angeles Times would seem to relate, with the meat substitue Quorn.

But a close read of the story reveals that "activists" really means just old Reason friend Michael Jacobson, professional food scold.

How hard could it be to craft a headline that actually conveys what the story says?

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  1. This article says “headlines,” plural.

    But a close read of the links reveals that “headlines” really means just one story from the Los Angeles Times, picked up by several other outlets.

  2. Wait a minute. You mean that SOME journalists don’t go right to the source to double and triple check the claims they’re releasing to the public?

    Oh God. Is Santa make believe too?

  3. Matt:

    I deliberately sought out another ver of the story to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke. The hed could be changed at any point, if anyone actually cared to.

  4. Is this stuff cruelty-free mycoprotein?

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