Feast of Fire


The blog world bubbles over with reports of riots, strikes, and protests across Iran, while the mainstream press is mostly silent. This might be a sign of really bad reporting in the old media, and it might be a sign of really wishful thinking in the new. Or perhaps both.

Well, I can wish with the best of them. Here's a stirring story filed today by an Iranian exile in New York. I hope the rebellion is as widespread as he says, especially this part:

…despite the clashes, Iranians enjoyed the celebrations. Music played; people laughed (which is actually banned by the mullahs); girls and boys were seen dancing together (which is also banned); girls lifted off their scarves. There was a general feeling of inspiration and dedication. And there was a special symbolic joy in the lighting of bonfires, using pictures of all the major mullahs.

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  1. Printed media, how quaint.

  2. Jesse,

    I am as bewildered as you. CNN reports that the Council reversed itself, and decided to permit New Years observance for the first time in 25 years…but only in Teheran. Still, this may have defused the situation. Would be nice to believe that the population will read this as a sign of weakness.

  3. There’s also a lot of unrest going on in Syria amongst the Kurds, largely unreported also. At least I haven’t heard a peep about it on any of the cable news shows I’ve seen.

  4. But there’s been a lot of print coverage of the Syrian-Kurdish conflict, while even those outlets are silent about what’s allegedly happening in Iran. That’s part of what’s puzzling me.

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