Congratulations to Us


I'm happy to announce that for the second straight year Reason is a finalist for a Western Publications Association "Maggie" Award in the "politics and social issues" category. Our fellow nominees are Mother Jones, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Sierra, and The Advocate (which won last year).

The winner will be announced Friday, April 23.

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  1. If Mother jones is one of the other nominees, this can’t be used as proof that he isn’t.

  2. “Erstwhile”? Doesn’t that literally mean that they used to be with you but now aren’t?

  3. The San Francisco Bay Guardian is a self-important commie rag. Their favorite local issue is SF “public power”. They have spent years harping on and on that SF should use their eminent domain to sieze control of “evil” PG&E’s infrastructure.

    The SF apartment market is very tight. A local developer wanted to tear down an old 300 unit apartment building to build a huge 1500 unit building. Great news for renters? No. The SFBG fought the new building because the current residents would be evicted (if only temporarily).

  4. Matt Bruce is right about “erstwhile,” which I’ve deleted.

  5. Not surprised – this is a quality publication. I sure as hell don’t come here because I agree with you!

  6. At least they’re no longer putting black type
    on a red page.

  7. Or was that green type on a blue page?

  8. The others are all hippie-dippie, acid-doper-rocker, lily-livered, pinko-commie, egg-sucking dogs.

    So Reason easily hit the home run

  9. How about merging with Mother Jones and changing the name to “Mother of all Reason”?
    … or with The Advocate and changing the name to “Out with Reason”?

  10. This is obviously an hallucination of yours, Nick, since we all know for a fact that you’re running the magazine’s reputation into the ground.

  11. You sure you want to be keeping that kind of company?

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