Anarchist Dreams Deferred


The Denmark "free zone" of Christiania is in trouble. From Associated Press copy:

The hippie enclave Christiania will remain the Danish capital's alternative lifestyle community as long as residents obey the law, pay rent and stop selling drugs, the government said. In a report on Christiania's future, the government said Friday enclave residents must adapt their houses to building codes or tear them down.

The 34-hectare former naval barracks that is home to about 1,000 people "should still be an area where there is room to live in a different way," said Finance Minister Thor Pedersen.

"But it must be normalized, it must respect the laws that apply in the rest of the Danish society."

The enclave took root in 1971 when dozens of hippies moved into the derelict 18th-century fort on state-owned land. The freewheeling society became a counterculture oasis with psychedelic-coloured buildings, free marijuana, no government, no cars and no police.

In 1987, Christiania was recognized as a "social experiment" and residents were later given the right to use the land but not own it. The government plan eliminates the agreement.

No Galt's Gulch, this–apparently most of them lived off state welfare–but an inspirational experiment in living all the same.

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  1. Inspirational in that they tried to escape the state apparatus as much as possible.

  2. …by living off welefare. Or does that not constitute part of the “state apparatus”?

  3. Don’t they know there’s no such thing as free marijuana?!

  4. mtc,

    what part of “as much as possible” don’t you get?

    Go there and try to entirely escape the nanny state. πŸ˜‰

    They probably are forced by law to accept welfare.

  5. That’s it. I’m done with libertarians. If you can call a bunch of lazy, whiny, loser, pot heads living off welfare and utterly wasting their lives “inspirational”, then I have nothing but absolute contempt for all of you.

    You know, before I came to “hit and run”, I had no problem calling myself a libertarian, donating money to the party, even considered running for a local office. But, after a year of reading you morons, I’ve grown to understand that calling myself a libertarian is as embarassing as calling myself a complete and total idiot, utterly devoid of common sense, nuance, or any relation to the real world where actual humans live their lives.

    If there is anyone working harder to defeat the cause of freedom, I can’t imagine it. Libertarians convince rational humans that libertarianism is nothing but an extremist dogma spouted by petulant children who are still bitter over being picked last for kickball in the third grade.

    Grow up.

  6. Bye, PLC. We’ll really miss you.

  7. You tell us to grow up after name-calling and a emotional rant?


  8. One whimsical comment on a blog is taken as an indictment of all libertarians? OK…

  9. what part of “as much as possible” don’t you get?

    The part where you think sucking on the government tit for a living constitutes escaping the government apparatus “as much as possible”. That’s like saying a guy who lives in his parents’ basement, eating their food and making use of the utilities they pay for, has “escaped his parents’ influence as much as possible”. If he wanted to escape their influence, he’d become self-sufficient.

  10. One whimsical comment on a blog is taken as an indictment of all libertarians? OK…

    PLC is not always good at recognizing whimsy, or the holes in the arguments he posts here, or his ass when it ventures near a hole in the ground. But that’s why we love him so.

  11. Don’t worry, he’ll be back! πŸ™‚

  12. Hey Dan,

    I guess you skipped the part where it said two-thirds either were on welfare OR had official income.

    It didn’t say all were on welfare or even the entire two-thirds.

    But of course, skip the article and just rant okay?

  13. And Dan,

    Are you self-reliant?

  14. Both sides of this comment-section argument are oversimplifying, thanks to limited info in the AP article. For more details, try reading this recent story.

    From the story: “In a sense, the one unique self-generated experiment is Pusher Street. Without the dealers, Christiania could easily be mistaken for a gated community, albeit an unusually progressive one.”

  15. Well, there you have it. It’s possible to have an anarcho-libertarian utopia – as long as the economy is based on slacking and narcotics sales.

    That pretty much explains a lot of the comment threads here at H&R.

  16. Give me a break. Obviously, it’s a drop out hippie commune.
    As for libertarians giving freedom a bad name; hoooo?! Freedom already has a bad name; democracy!
    It’s just a fucking blog, PLC, relax your butthole enogh to let some gas out. A sense of humor goes a long way to making life enjoyable.

  17. “should still be an area where there is room to live in a different way,” said Finance Minister Thor Pedersen.

    “But it must be normalized, …”

    Is a talent for cognitive dissonance a requirement for being a high ranking government official? Or perhaps a libertarian blogger for considering a community where the majority are on the dole and private property is outlawed is “inspirational”?

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