Boobs In Congress


New at Reason: Nick Gillespie discusses the many recent dustups, brouhahas, and hair-breadth 'scapes i' the imminent deadly push for more media content rules from Congress.

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  1. In Tim’s 3:51PM H&R post, Shock of the New, right above this one, he points out vaccination and heart transplants as one-time popular “crimes against humanity,” which thankfully are now just facts of life.

    Can a converse model be applied to the subject of this post?

    In other words, which censorship “crimes against humanity” (perpetrated, of course, by gubmint) are now just facts of life? Hell, we probably don’t even call them censorship anymore.

    Criminalizing the screaming of “fire” in the theater?

    Your choice of derogatory bon mots as they relate specifically to a hate crime?


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