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Eat Your Heart Out, Riefenstahl


According to the Associated Press, the FBI has "ordered a formal review of some aspects of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing investigation, reopening the question of whether Timothy McVeigh may have had more accomplices in the worst domestic terrorist attack in U.S. history." The new review follows the AP's earlier revelation that "FBI agents destroyed evidence and failed to share other information that raised the possibility that a gang of white supremacist bank robbers may have assisted Timothy McVeigh during the Oklahoma City bombing."

The bank robbers called themselves the Aryan Republican Army, and they've long been at the center of the more plausible theories asserting a wider conspiracy behind McVeigh. The Independent ran a fascinating series about the group back in 2001, in which the high point was the description of a propaganda video hosted by the ARA's transvestite ringleader, Pete "Commander Pedro" Langan:

In the recruitment video, a weird Pythonesque assemblage of goose-stepping, semi-humorous drunken rants, spoof commercial breaks and racist invective entitled "The Aryan Republican Army Presents: The Armed Struggle Underground", a masked Commander Pedro shows off his arsenal of weaponry and pulls wads of banknotes out of pickle jars on his desk, all the while declaring war on the "federal whores". "Linger on this continent at your own peril," he says. "We have endeavoured to keep collateral damage and civilian casualties to a minimum… but, as in all wars, some innocents shall suffer. So be it."