So You Are the Christ, the Great Jesus Christ?


Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ gets the Herod treatment at MSNBC.

Writes John Hartl, "if you flogged yourself for two hours and six minutes, the result might be about as enlightening as this film."

UPDATE: As reader HH points out in the comments, Ebert and Roeper give the flick two big thumbs up. Sez the NY Post:

Ebert said he was "deeply moved" by "The Passion of the Christ," and added: "It's a very great film."

"This is the most powerful, important and by far the most graphic interpretation of Christ's final hours ever put on film," Roeper gushed in a press release about the duo's exclusive review, which airs today.

Must say that I'm more interested in what Gene Siskel has to say about it, though.