Military-Industrial Conference


I received this delightful unsolicited e-mail inviting me to attend a conference dedicated to helping you help others help yourself to the hundreds of billions (and counting–the conference ad refers to $500 billion in "nonmilitary rebuilding costs") dedicated to rebuilding Iraq.

Through carefully crafted, world-class industry sessions created in partnership with the industry and presented by leading representatives of the highest level, New Fields Exhibitions will present a 2-day conference, a key for those planning to do business in Iraq.
ReBUILDING IRAQ presents an opportunity for all companies to share ideas and develop strategies to ensure share in this market. Participation will provide essential insight into opportunities, sub-contract opportunities, and team up scenarios.

You will hear speakers from the Harris Corp, the Army Corps of Engineers, Iraq's Ministry of of Public Works, the Export-Import Bank, and of course Halliburton KBR. No one who wants a chance for a little old-time war profiteering should miss it.