Sharia in Iraq?


American lawmakers are up in arms over a December action of Iraq's Governing Council that would:

Apply the Islamic Sharia?s stipulations in regard to marriage, engagement, marriage contract, marriage eligibility, marriage registration, unmarriageable persons, marriage of clergymen, marital rights including mahar-dower, alimony, divorce, judicial divorce, repudiation (to divorce one?s wife in return for monetary compensation to be paid by her to him), iddat (period during which a widow or divorce may not remarry), succession, descendant expenses, lactation, child custody, ascendants, next of kin, will, devise, endow, inheritance in all official courts ( personal affairs) and according to its schools.

Cancel all laws, resolution, regulations, directives, statements, and stipulations that contradict clause (1) of this resolution.

(The above text was found here and has not been verified beyond that.)

Iraqi strongman Paul Bremer and his Coalition Provisional Authority apparently have to approve the resolution for it to go into effect, which they have yet to do. A text of a proposed letter of protest to Bremer on this matter can be found here, for those of you into that sort of thing.