Random CNN Reactions


I was up last night watching Larry King, who had a panel of bobbleheads on dissecting the primary results, including David Gergen, Tucker Carlson, and Daily Show alum Mo Rocca.

Carlson lives in somes sort of strange parallel universe, and seems to believe that if he acts as though its Daliesque rules and assumptions are in play, the rest of us will conclude we must live there too. In the Carlsonverse, it's tawdry, neglecting serious issues, when Kerry cracks some line about really knowing about aircraft carriers. Because, of course, Bush would never employ such cheap tactics. It's just that all his suits were at the cleaners, and the pilot costume was the only thing on hand…

The choice to have Rocca there was inspired, and he clearly threw the other panelists a bit. He's a pitch-perfect wonk parody in the proud Daily Show tradition, armed with the requisite cache of dubiously relevant facts, and does rings around the real deal he's mimicing so brutally.