Dean's Desperation


How desperate is Howard Dean? He's willing to state the obvious about politicians in these United States to a crowd in Manchester, New Hampshire:

"Listen to what they say. You can have middle-class tax cuts. You can have health care for every American … you can help every American go to college. Do you believe that?"

Too bad that Dean he fails to follow up his inarguable insight that the feds can't do everything with a message about leaner government. Especially in a time when a teetotaling Republican president is spending money like a drunken sailor, there's room for a candidate who is "fiscally conservative" and "socially liberal," as Dean used to tout himself early on. Instead, he now yammers on about increasing taxes and "reregulating" everything from the media to the economy.

Update: I've corrected my spelling of teetotaler. Thanks to the several readers who not only pointed out my error, but went the extra mile to shame me given my educational background. I should add that as someone who has been derided in the past as an "apologist for stupefaction," I am that much more embarrassed.