Howard Dean: Already National Punchline?


I won't be foolish enough to declare this means he's dead in the water or anything, but in seven minutes of driving this morning I heard Dean's heated shoutouts to American states after his earning that coveted third ticket out of Iowa being used both as a comedic bumper on a new oldies alternative station in L.A. and parodied by Howard Stern (in a gag that must be really obvious, because I thought of it while watching Dean's speech live) by playing the verses of Steve Miller's "Rockin' Me Baby" behind it. (Sing along, now: "I went from Phoenix, Arizona, all the way to Tacoma, Philiadelphia, Atlanta, L.A….")

"Keep 'em laughing"–that's what they teach you at the Kennedy School of Government, right? Or is that Clown College?