Vote For This Year's Axis of Evil!

Your president needs your suggestions


Two years ago during his State of the Union Address, George W. Bush uttered what has been called "the signature phrase of his presidency" when he denounced North Korea, Iran, and Iraq as the "axis of evil."

With only hours to go before this year's version, you can help the president out by naming evildoers. Is the gravest danger to America posed by hyperurbanized dissidents? Is it the growing threat from the right? New anti-American enemies foreign and domestic? Thanks for electing 2004's trifecta of terror. Your choice for the new Axis of Evil:

Your (uncensored) write-in candidates:

homosexual libertines, "medicinal" marijuana users, and godless secularists

Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, Paris Hilton
Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson

John Ashcroft, Entitlement programs (Social Security & Medicare), Trade Subsidies

Those who are not actively working toward reduction of global overpopulation by humans, and Those who do not know that 'unquestioning belief,' ie. "faith," is as dangerous and untruthful in religions as it is in business, medicine, engineering and all other disciplines.

Life, Liberty, The pursuit of happiness

Canada, England, and California for their small misguided steps in decriminalizing marijuana. They are heading down a slippery slope!

1) Government schools (foreign and domestic), 2) Svengali News Analysis (foreign and domestic), and 3) Canada (foreign and domestic).

Information, participation and common sense.

Folks who begin sentences with:
"There ought to be a law against…"
"People don't need to be able to…" or
"People who don't have anything to hide won't mind…"

Tom DeLay

Carrot Top, Paris Hilton and the entire writing staff of Joan of Arcadia.

Reason Magazine

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