Fifth Column Arab "Americans"


Half of racism is making generalizations about an entire ethnic group, and that is precisely what one Jeffrey Rubinoff does in a contemptible article for the conservative

Rubinoff is worried that Arab-Americans are going out and voting, and wonders: "[B]ut we must ask ourselves two questions: Is this involvement due to an unprecedented acceptance of Arabs [sic] of the U.S. political system? Or, is there a hidden agenda that is only now beginning to reveal itself and reel its ugly head?"

The answer soon arrives:

I must say that their intentions are not noble. Arabs in the United State have overwhelmingly not accepted our Western Political system [sic], which supports freedom and democracy. These Arab "Americans" are not mobilizing to advance the American Political system, but they are setting the stage to advance their "Arab Agenda." This agenda does not take freedom, democracy and coexistence into consideration. Their objective is to change the U.S. domestic and international polices in such a way as to garnish sympathy for their Terrorist brethren in the Middle East.

Hidden agendas? Manipulation of an infiltrated system? Quote marks around "American" as in Arab "American", to assign alien loyalties? That sounds sickeningly familiar in a similarly Semitic context. Since MichNews claims to be pro-free speech, I'll oblige and just call Rubinoff a splendid jerk.