Duvall vs. Spielberg


CNN is reporting that actor Robert Duvall lays into Steven Spielberg for going to Cuba in 2002 in an upcoming 60 Minutes II interview:

"Spielberg went down there recently and said, 'The best seven hours I ever spent was actually with Fidel Castro.' Now, what I want to ask him, … 'Would you consider building a little annex on the Holocaust museum, or at least across the street, to honor the dead Cubans that Castro killed.' That's very presumptuous of him to go there," Duvall told Charlie Rose, according to excerpts of the interview released by CBS.

That's tough talk coming from a guy who played Stalin.

A spokesman for Spielberg denies that the E.T. auteur ever said anything along the lines uttered by Duvall: "He never said it, or anything like it."

Shortly after his return from Cuba, Spielberg claimed that Cuba's state-run press concocted his quotes. Here's an account of that.

Update: As Junyo points out in the comments section, "upcoming" in the above context means "last night." Begging a thousand pardons…