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Melissa Harrington of Lincoln, Nebraska, has been ticketed for violating the city's public nudity regulations when police found photos posted on her website showing the 21-year-old showing off her genetic good fortune in a local bar and several other public places.

That must've been an interesting day at the precinct.

Meyer? What're you doing on your computer there?

Oh, uh, hi Sarge. Just working on a big public nudity collar. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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  1. Just for…um…clarification, do you have links to the uncensored pictures? It’s for my…um…art project.

  2. ed – just follow the links, my friend. The Smoking Gun has a couple of bowdlerized photos in their collection. I’m sure with a little Googling you can come up with the originals.

  3. First I Google,
    then I ogle!

  4. First I Google,
    then I ogle!

    Life is good.

  5. can’t seem to find the site — any help?

  6. I googled her name and the name of the bar with no luck. Any corn porn aficionados know the URL?

  7. Ogle update:

    Perished in the World Trade Center Attack. More information available at the group Memorial.


    Melissa Harrington
    Real Estate Management

    Melissa joined Collett & Associates in 2001 as a member of our Real Estate Management Team. Melissa first started in the commercial real estate business in 1998. Her previous background was in the banking industry for 9 years.

    Me think me barking up wrong tree.

  8. Excellent investigative work, md.

    Hmmmm…wasn’t there an issue here, originally?

  9. Thanks md for the link. That’s why I read Reason magazine and Reason’s Hit & Run Blog: To keep abreast of recent developements and points of interest.

  10. Anyone can find anything out with google–within two clicks you even can find illicit cannibal mania! (No, I’m not an enthusiast!)
    More blogs to look at, gosh I’m bored and depressed…

  11. After more in-depth research than my heart can safely stand, I was going to conclude Melissa’s web store compared favorably to Reason magazine’s.
    This is what I learned (research takes courage):
    Reason’s store is actually better!
    Even though it forced my computer to accept about two dozen cookies versus Melissa’s next to none, I see Reason is offering a thong, as one example, for just ten bucks. (Assume it’s unisex?)
    Reason offered no bumper stickers, which is what I really crave, but neither did Melissa’s.
    All Melissa really had to offer was pictures of her nekkid. Autographed extra. Been there. zzzz Well, not zzzzz, exactly.
    Nick Gillespie/ Julian Sanchez, get with it!
    And get me some bumper stickers!

  12. If this poor young girl ever needs shelter from the forces of evil arrayed against her she can feel safe north of the border. I will gladly provide room and board until this blows over. I will also send my wife on a cruise for the duration. Yowza

  13. Not that this in any way should be seen as throwing away my utter devotion to a certain Latin/Lebanese actress of some renown.

  14. Seriously though, doesn’t a police officer actually have to witness the offence in order for a charge to be (ahem) laid? Not ‘up’ on Nebraska statutes, so I don’t know. If the photos were done when the bar was closed, then isn’t it basically a private shoot? Once these questions are answered I am perfectly willing to see this thread devolve into the mindless silliness this charge deserves. Thanks.

  15. Well, not that I’m against hot girls getting naked in public or anything, but it seems the police only ticketed her after the bar owner called the cops.

    Why would he do that, I have no idea. He’s getting a weird negative publicity. Might as well hang a sign that says “Free of Hot Naked Girls since December 2003”.

  16. “No good deed goes unpunished.”

  17. Well, she’ll be famous for a few minutes, the cops will be ridiculed and the bar owner will be looked upon as a prude, so there is some justice in this.

  18. Okay, so there was a specific complaint. But Cisco’s right, what a maroon.

  19. If you’re looking for Ms. Melissa’s site, it’s at


  20. Maybe we could get Melissa to do an advertisement photo for Reason?

    How well would _those_ sell in the Reason store?

    Maybe Melissa wearing a t-shirt that reads “Show me your Reason”?

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