Cats and Dogs Living Together (Part XXIV)


Via reader (and prolific commenter) Kevin Carson: Ralph Nader tells Amy Goodman that the Democrats should be scoping out paleocons and libertarians.

I think, for example, that the Bush administration is far more vulnerable politically than the Democrats are probing, or exposing. I refer people to which has my letter to George W. Bush from a month-and-a-half ago about the Texas State Republican Party platform of 2002 which has 25 positions diametrically opposed to the Bush administration. It's basically the platform of the conservative libertarian republicans who are furious all through the South, including other states, with the Bush Administration on the PATRIOT act, the invasion of privacy, the erosion of civil liberties, NAFTA, GATT, huge deficit, corporate welfare subsidies. It's surprising that the democrats are not probing a wedge that would depress Bush's vote. There are a lot of ways that to depress Bush's vote that the democrats have to be educated on.