Mine is the Chase and the Luck of the Draw


The current Salt Lake City Weekly includes an interesting piece on bounty hunters.

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  1. Bounty hunters are not regulated because they are bound by the same laws that you and I are.

  2. We are all bounty hunters.

    “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Bounty”

  3. I know “regulation” is a bad word to Libertarians, but why, oh why, are bounty hunters NOT regulated? A warrantless cop can’t knock down your door in search of a serial murderer, but a warrantless bounty hunter can knock down the door to recoup a bail bondsman’s money?

  4. Strange things appear at night on the streets, if you really stop and watch. A teen in shorts bounds down the pavement like a stoned deer, oblivious to the freezing air, then waits much longer than needed at a corner for the light.

    That’s some purple prose.

  5. An old friend of my father’s was a bounty hunter for a while before he got thrown back in the pen. Mostly went after bail jumpers who usually weren’t too smart. Did it to pay for his cocaine habit.

  6. The most important point was that turning over the girlfriend to the bounty hunter gave the cops probable cause. I’ll never forget when some cops knocked on my door about 9 PM at night. I was with 4 or 5 friends. Before I could get to the door my buddy Dale (RIP) cut in front of me. He opens the door and when they ask if he is me he says: “Nope”. When they ask if he knows where I am he says: “No, he is here in the day.” So the cops shrug, say “OK” and leave. Smiling from ear to ear, I chided Dale for telling them I was here in the daytime. He smiled that Dale smile and said: “No problem, you sleep though most of the day anyway, so you won’t even get up to answer the door if they do come back around.” Of course the day shift cops had better things to do then serve warrants. I miss Dale.

    Rememeber: Always stick together and never give up you friends. And lying to the cops isn’t a sin. It’s a duty and an honor.

  7. There was a caseup north a few years back wherein two ‘bounty hunters’ abducted their quarry from his home in Toronto. They were subsequently prosecuted on kidnapping charges. Always best to know the rules before you play the game. On a different note, what’s to stop a wanted felon from killing a ‘bounty hunter’ in self defence when the guy breaks down the front door. I mean, just because someone identifies themselves as an officer of the court, does not make it so.

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