That's My Bush!


I'm usually not one to start stomping on my hat about the real stories the Big Media refuses to cover, but I'll just say that there really is no limit to my appetite for more investigative articles like this about the influence-peddled ass of dislikable presidential brother Neil Bush. (Link via Atrios)

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  1. I will be very, very, very surprised if this ever makes “mainstream,” media.


  2. Your probably right Steve, but we will continue to hear from the ‘right’ how the media has a liberal bias……

    Amazing…. lying liers and the lies they tell….

  3. Here’s a 12 year old buried story that’s half throw-away, half interesting. The most telling allegation, in my view; Neil was even disqualified from a tennis tournament for lying about his handicap.

    I’m not familiar with Blumberg or any axes he may be grinding, for what it’s worth.

  4. Is he the one who pissed on the wall at the airport that time?

  5. So a business man who has had a 10 year relationship with Neil Bush mentions it to Middle Easterners he’s trying to do business with because he thinks it might help him. Also, someone the president’s brother once knew was accused of shady dealings, and settled out of court. Impeach Bush!

    Seriously, someone who is angry here please explain, using the details of this article, what is so wrong here.

    Also, who is Mr. Jaber?

  6. errr.. “someone the president’s brother knows was once accused”

  7. Fess up, Matt, Mrs. Daschle tipped you off about this story, didn’t she?

  8. Is there some law that the President has to have a shiftless sibling or two who hangs around, sleeps on the couch, and gets free $$$ from shady sheiks and the like because of his name?

    I could do that.

  9. My favorite Neil Bushism was when he was flown out to Jeddah to participate in some why-are-They-bashing-the-Saudis conference in Jan. 2002.

    “I wish the Americans would see Arabs and Muslims the way I see them. But Arabs are losing the public relations battle in the United States.”

    Needless to say, I wish I could see Arabs and Muslims the way Neil Bush sees them — bought and paid for, put up at the poshest hotels, because I’m the president’s brother.

  10. I don’t think he’s peddling any influence, I think he’s being used as a prop by a big league salesman.

  11. Hmm, Billy Carter, Clinton’s brother, and Neil Bush …

  12. The mainstream press all but refuses to write about the latest of many anti-terrorist demonstrations in Iraq but they’re not so excited about the very important issue of Neil friggin’ Bush (but plenty excited about Jenna). Yeah they’re a bunch of right wingers alright.

  13. Henry: I’m amused to see that the last real hoary Old-Left media tactic — complaining about protest coverage — has now been enthusiastically co-opted by the Right. Not to say that the criticism isn’t justified (I have no clue, honestly), but rather that if you squint hard enough at something, it will appear just as you suspect, and in the process you will use the same language and thought processes as your ideological opponents.

  14. Many reports about anti-American Iraqi protests. No reports about pro-American protests. What is the possible Old Left parallel? That the media used to always cover rallies in favor of the Vietnam war but never against them?

    Rather that this particular complaint from the right being another example of how Left and Right are really the same, this comment from Mr. Welch is an example of how a certain type of commentator endlessly displays his superiority and specialness by pointing out that left and right are really the same. Anything is possible if you squint hard enough, but maybe you should keep your eyes open and learn something.

  15. HA…nice title. From the few episodes I saw on comedy central a while back, it looked like a pretty funny show.

  16. when a murdock-owned british rag is on the left of the new york times, you know there is something fundamentally wrong with the press here.


  17. JDM,

    The point of it all, I think, was suggested by Atrios: imagine the Freeper reaction if you substituted Roger Clinton for Neil Bush.

  18. Irv: The parallel is that many media critics on the Left — Herbert Gans is a fine recent example — have long complained that *their* favored protests (anti-war demonstrations, WTO punch-ups, etc.) have been chronically undercovered and/or ridiculed by a mainstream media that is predisposed to be against them. Much of the criticism I read about the lack of coverage on the protests in question mirrored the Gansian analyses in both hysteria and banality; i.e., “I didn’t want to believe that the media is actively rooting against America, but after looking at this sample size of one I’m more and more convinced that this is the case.”

    I’m flattered that you introduce the concept of my superiority; I might only add that my comment was intended not to advertise my “specialness,” but rather to point out that, in the last few days, several commentators on the Right have mimicked some of the most hoary of Lefty complaints about the media, in both substance and tone.

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    DATE: 02/28/2004 02:53:54
    Some nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

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