Which Way To the Front?


New at Reason: My review of Rick Bragg's I Am a Soldier Too.

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  1. ” Half a year later, it must be said that the Beeb’s version has more or less won the day”

    Only if you define “the Beeb’s version” as “anything contradictory of the various wild rumors the press reported the day after the rescue.” There are lots of holes in the Beeb’s version, not least the fact that the journalist who composed it confused flash grenades and “firing blanks.”

  2. I like National Review’s reaction to the deconstruction of the myth of the heroic Lynch: see, girls really shouldn’t be soldiers.


  3. I thought your book review sucked.

  4. I thought your book review sucked.

    Short and to the point! That’s how I should have written the review!

  5. There are lots of holes in the Beeb’s version,

    And don’t forget that the Beeb claimed this raid was taped for propaganda purposes, when spec ops are routinely videotaped for later analysis and debriefing.

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