Gore Jinx Beat


In a fit of pessimism yesterday, I predicted Al Gore's endorsement of San Francisco mayoral candidate Gavin Newsom would guarantee a win for the far-more-evil of the two evils—Green Party firebrand Matt Gonzalez. As it turns out, my prediction of doom was mercifully overstated; Gonzalez is right now giving his (not very gentlemanly) concession speech. While Newsom is a ridiculously blowdried, mock-Kennedyesque schmo, Gonzalez's campaign boast that he'd "read The Communist Manifesto and liked it," his vision of forcing cars out of San Francisco, his wacky ideas about striking a balance "between tenant and property owner rights," his housing is healthcare solution to homelessness, and an obnoxious personal style I observed at length during his rise through the board of supes all made even his comedy value as a mayor questionable. In this case, I'm glad to see the Gore jinx may have ended. Howard Dean, the race is yours to lose!