"I'm A Contender."


SF Weekly's Lessley Anderson does a very nice profile of Justin Raimondo and the gang over at Antiwar.com. Though Reason has occasionally been dinged in what Anderson describes as the "flamboyant" column Raimondo writes thrice weekly, it's good to see them getting some love from the media in San Francisco, and the following list of people pledging they've never/rarely read/heard of the site confirms my suspicion that reading Antiwar and masturbation are the two most frequently denied activities in America:

Although writer and editor Tom Englehardt, who runs the popular political blog TomDispatch.com, says he reads Antiwar.com every day, Slate.com's William Saletan had never heard of it. Neither had UC Berkeley journalism professor and political columnist Susan Rasky. National Review editor Rich Lowry also claimed ignorance, despite Frum's coverage, as did the Weekly Standard's Kristol.

"I've only logged on to Antiwar.com a few times," writes Salon.com columnist Joe Conason in an e-mail. "I also can't say that I know anyone who reads it regularly, although people sometimes send links to it in email."